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Gu Zhangshu moves write down
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Suffer located the element influence such as positional geology condition, city mouth is entered east migratory project encountered large camphor tree to let a person only then makings do not difficult problem. According to construction site one surnames yellow chief introduction, the circumstance of the following respects is them Gu Shuqian moves before in had not come up against.

Large camphor tree is northeast before direction is a pond, long-term bubble is in the tree root of this one direction sodden root circumstance appears in water, root system of large camphor tree westerly side, to direction is outspread, cause truncal tilt, caused new difficulty to construction consolidate. Be aimed at this one circumstance, construction Fang Zaishu is dry all around pull set bar wind rope, going up tray takes consolidate step, prevent large camphor tree to tilt further in migratory process.

Before excavate of bottom Sui hole, construction just is after preventing excavate cave in, craze, smash and oneself of large camphor tree sinks wait for a circumstance to appear, prop up with carrying those who push arch shape structure on the head to pull bridge to regard as along flank, dan Dazhang tree is located geological condition of the position is not very ideal, every top pulling bridge does not go in 3 meters discovered very hard pebble layer. For this, they buy a charge technically, be in flank burrow from the center that cultivate Tuo, carry the profiled bar that turn cup one hand in the other before the chest on the head down the hole again next, reduced the pressure of the generation when the top is pushed so; Suffer an effect to make time limit for a project little, bottom Sui hole at the same time from bicephalous excavate, dig entirely Liang Ye procrastinates to had been worn when connecting. The construction progress of after this will be greater.

In addition, below new site of large camphor tree before also is mud dike, go against take root of large camphor tree to grow, need is adopted change write measure. Current, construction unit is working overtime construction.