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Move the life that finds central heating
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Boiler stops after burning, brought a lot of inconvenience to village dweller. "The there is 80 many years old now old person in my home, every move to in the winter. The winter arrives again on the horse, often cannot move. " Mr Liu says, neighbour has move, of useful also air conditioning, but major dweller is forced to close close door window, much cladder content will resist cold.
"Such going down that affirm is not a method, which can withstand the child in the home, old person such do sth over and over again? We want to should discuss with heat addition company, put through center heating, conduit and radiator are very good. How does specific procedures do? How does specific procedures do??
Reporter immediately and company of Jinan city heating power get in touch, the staff member expresses, if the village provides net form a complete set, the company can help village dweller solve heating problem. But because heating manages a network now,had filled water, already cannot construction. Village dweller can be mixed later April in next year connection of heating power company. New enlightened concentration heat addition, the dweller should pay fee of construction tubal a network.

Provincial capital heating begins to try water centrally

The reporter understands 26 days from branch of provincial capital heat addition, draw near with each passing day as winter heat addition, heat addition branch begins in succession affusion tries pressure. During filling water, the citizen should notice to observe whether a medium heating establishment is normal, occurrence accident should be offerred in time with each (change) the connection that heat up a station.
To assure this year quality of hiemal heat addition, unit of provincial capital heat addition begins to fill water ahead of schedule. Personnel of technology of company of Jinan heating power says, a lot of building because the village is to fill water for the first time, heat addition establishment also is to move for the first time, appear easily all sorts of running risk a leakage phenomenon, accordingly, dweller home is medium during filling water must keep a person, want at the same time at any time the circumstance of advertent radiator.