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Xie Chengmao the same night moves by condition canal
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Open graceful archipelago to report experience of Chen Shuibian doubt to cross a country to wash money affection endowment archives misses unexpectedly! Special detect group inquisitor forest 嚞 coma shows " investigation bureau " before director Xie Chengmao, washing money to prevent this year in January make central dispatch give " highest check " when take this key affection endowment archives, leave off one's post also did not have sex when the director, do not eliminate him already Chen Shuibian of archives pass on.

The media that occupy a stage covers, special detect group will wait for Cheng Mao of leaf of subpoena of identity of 3 accusation suspect to arrive with annihilate criminal evidence today case, achieve next leaving off one's post " investigation director " meet with record of deal with according to law. The same night of plan of Xie Chengmao yesterday is moved domiciliary from paling, special detect group yesterday is urgent give orders to run his place.

Special if eat really,detect group shows Xie Chengmao case, the likelihood offends " criminal law " the writ that hides officeholder officially administer and annihilate criminal evidence two blames, can be in 5 years to reach 2 years respectively again most imprisonment, additional, if Xie Chengmao gives the file flat, offend possibly still blame of divulge a secret, can handle 3 years of the following sentence again most.

Special detect group points out, this month 13 days " one weekly " announce Chen Shuibian experience to wash money with daughter-in-law Huang Rui's beautiful account, "Chief procurator " old inquisitor of the assign on clever horse forest 嚞 intelligent go to in person " investigation bureau " understanding, wash money to prevent make week of central section chief justice card says, be in early this year on January 28, he already washed experience of doubt of the couple in opening graceful archipelago to report Chenzhi cash situation endowment archives, the director's Xie Chengmao holds the post of when reporting, the autograph on foliaceous directive is shown and dispatch is transmitted " highest check " detect does, but dispatch eve obtains a document suddenly however, claim to want to send personally " highest check " .

Inquisitor forest 嚞 intelligent fish, zhou Youyi has truly at that time on the autograph shows Xie Chengmao, "Investigation bureau " also have dispatch record, but " highest check " do not have incoming dispatches record, and after the leaf leaves off his post, also did not turn over currently hold the post ofdirector Wu Ying.

Report points out, special detect group divides distrustful Xie Chengmao to eat outside the case, right also " law Wu ministry " after receiving Swiss check to just request judicatory coadjutant document, did not move send special detect group detect does, indicate arrange of check of ground of Taipei of pass on of tall check arrange to help the practice that Switzerland investigates instead, feel understand hard.
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