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Bedding is lost to break passerby when the man moves
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Save trouble of the graph when citizen grandson gentleman moves, from 4 upstairs throw away a packet of bedding, be bungled on the body of passerby plum lady unfortunately, send its to get hurt. 14 days, mr Sun paid 12 thousand yuan compensation to the person that hurt.

A day of July 2007, because Mr Sun that hires the city zone at that time works reason, want to move lane leaving Wei. Waiting for furniture after was being sold off, he wants to give a few clothes in the friend that Wei lane works, but he what busied one day feels very overworked, want to bale bedding abandon directly from upstairs. He is carrying many jins of 20 heavy wrap up to come to three-pair stair well, probe to look outside the window, did not see what pedestrian, cast wrap up then go out. at this moment, live in Ms. Li around to riding a bike from the abduct in the corner come out, had not waited for Mr Sun to call phonate to remind, wrap up has broken Ms. Li. Mr Sun runs at once next buildings, sent a hospital wounded Ms. Li.

On Ms. Li body of many years old 40 many part gets hurt, during the hospital is treated, still caused a few otherer disease, the whole thing cost 18 thousand multivariate medical treatment cost. Mr Sun is informed from the hospital, the body condition of Ms. Li is bad, ability can spend so many charge, when asking for compensation to him when Ms. Li then, he is willing to pay normal cure only charge and a few " excuse is expended " in all 5000 yuan. Exchange views a few times not if really, in Feburary 2008 portion, on his the accused court. The court thinks, mr Sun all did not arrive the attention is compulsory, throw wrap up to cause harm to other, should recoup Ms. Li loss, because this court decision pays Ms. Li 12 thousand yuan.

On August 14, mr Sun gives compensation when Ms. Li, ms. Li still refuses to obey forensic court decision, she thinks him without reason is broken, medical treatment expenses should exceed by the other side entirely. The court concerns personnel introduction, classics appraisal, the body condition of Ms. Li is bad, after be bungled to get hurt, cure expends the circumstance when far outclass gets hurt normally, if harm her Mr Sun to assume liability to pay compensation entirely innocently, this has be contrary to at fair principle.