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Ni can move to become neighbor with former husband
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Afterwards " tourist " with comedy piece " food big fight " later, shangmukelusi announced the 3rd film that he did not come to a few days ago, he will with " spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " cooperative caricature adapts series director Shanmuleimi the film " sleep deeply person " , this will be part of hero of the first caricature, this part and preterhuman, batty a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct are the DC cartoon company with well-known out euqally. The hero of the story is a detective, he mixes outside astral article is shirt-sleeve, had thereby do not be afraid of pain competence, and he still can contact an ache to pass others through the skin. Secret service organization places in a certain position him to commit a crime in some the circle is inner, a member that as a result he fell in love with this organization " painful young lady " .

In addition, ex-wife Ni of Shangmukelusi but base graceful to make love daughter is born to have a first-rate growing environment first, the Bilifu that decides los angeles of change one's dwelling house hill, become neighbor with Shangmukelusi. It is reported, this Cinikejiman cost nearly 4.8 million dollar to buy next a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, this allegedly Ni can choose to do neighbor with former husband, the purpose is a pair of children that the hope can see she and handsome man soup are foster more.