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Parents of land spring dragon is his practice to skip bed and move
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Olympic Games man skips 20 days night bed final ends, the young general Liu Chunlong that comes from Jiangsu Changzhou was depending on superior performance to win the gold of this project, chinese team undertook the whole thing skip the men and women of the bed card of two gold nugget. Liu Chunlong has 19 years old only this year, but the exercise skips the bed moves already 10 years, it is China skips bed the promising young person of this project, can winning gold also is people's expectations place returns.

Liu Chunlong is born in 1989, 1994 by Hong Cheng of coach of Changzhou city little physical culture school begin to practice gymnastics in sea facies. After training through fundamental gymnastics of 3 years, 1997, liu Chunlong is entered to save a team to practice gymnastics by choose. 1998, our country begins to be popularized energetically skip the bed moves, liu Chunlong begins to change practice to skip bed, entered national group 2005.

Because Liu Chunlong has a copy kept as a record that practices gymnastics 3 years, so he practices skipping with facility can say after bed project, and achievement also is flying rise. Liu Chunlong attended to 10 carry are met and win championship 2005, this should say a turning point that is his motion career, the acquisition that he succeeded again second year the champion of the Asia Game, became China to skip bed team develops the nova with the most swift and violent impetus. Although have,be proud so nevertheless the person's achievement, the life that Liu Chunlong did not enter 7 years bright and beautiful contest, as a result of the limitation of quota of people he loses an election finally. Be in nevertheless this year in May on the Olympic Games trials of the middle ten days of a month, liu Chunlong gains the championship with larger dominant position, master the active advantageous position that take part in the match in him hand, also obtained finally enter Olympic Games chance.

Liu Chunlong is born in the country, when he is small parents is work in Changzhou, be in so he is 5 years old when also be to come from come to Changzhou along with parents, before this ability had, be practiced to physical culture school by coach choosing gymnastic opportunity. Practice this motion to can bear a son, liu Chunlong's parents also is reached oneself home from river shade change Changzhou, can say to pay a lot of. Can obtain the gold of the Olympic Games this, this is Liu Chunlong the exercise skips the gain that the bed reaps 10 years, also be to supporting his those people are repaid best at the same time, include parents, illuminative coach to wait a moment.

Main achievement:

World cup Japan stood 2008 individual champion;

Station of world cup Poland, Russia stood 2007 individual champion, chinese station runner-up, canadian station, United States stands the 7th;

World bright and beautiful surpassed individual qualification surpassed the 4th 2007;
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