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Plain division is old 10 thousand students move
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The day that although today just is plain division,campus of big Cheng Longxin moves formally, but the classmates of Sichuan Normal University already too impatient to wait! Before the plain division that is located in area of post of spring of dragon of the Chengdu City becomes Long Xin campus two years, leave build, come since now term begins the student that will admit more than 15 thousand to be moved from lion hill old campus. Yesterday, pulling lard cloth bag, invite remover, partial student is moved into new living quarter of new learning school with respect to ground of too impatient to wait.

Cover an area of 1900 mus new officer woman student reachs first " stray "

"Plain division becomes dragon campus, our collective new home " . Door of senior colonel of Cheng Longxin campus still is in plain division conserve period is impassable, the catchphrase that the school gate hangs east gives however move ahead of schedule the warmth of the classmate home that come over. Academy of be in charge of is large the Jiang Ben of 4 arrives ahead of schedule school, lose linoleum bag toward 6 worlds dormitory, run to campus " familiar landform " : Education building is installed went up desk and chair, multimedia, dining-room begins operation, workers are busy also work later period afforest, already the schoolgirl bathes from the bathroom come back. In campus, stationer, bookshop, cleaner's, supermarket, recreational, really form a complete set is complete. Promoting the articles for daily use that just bought from the supermarket, academy of be in charge of is large the Liu Yan of 2 is gotten urgently sweating. "I cannot find a dormitory where to be! " look at huge new campus, the girl is being considered continuously toward the Xi Yuan living quarter that having 6 buildings Lou Qun runs. New campus covers an area of more than mus 1900 in all, what begin to use nowadays is first phase project only, include elementary teacher and student, accommodation and student daily life facilities. The 2nd period project also afoot. As we have learned, the school will be in this month 25 days term begins formally, still will be in in September 9, 10 days are greeted this year be born anew greatly.

Move greatly now security work is put in the first place

Since now, those who move new campus have science of economy and administrative institute, life the student that 10 courtyards such as institute of institute, business school, foreign language fasten, belong to engineering course, science department more. And old campus basically withheld the institute of software of literary courtyard, law courtyard, history courtyard, maths courtyard that gives priority to with liberal art is. "Moving a campus is to get better learning environment not just, more to stabilize dimensions, improve quality, all sorts of experimental education equipment that the government supplies, be helpful for us strengthening course construction. " academic office chief says, education building, experiment building spreads all over a network. The teacher that 10 courtyard fasten did not remove come over, total service still stays in lion hill old campus, new campus administration implements next groups outspread type management. In school administration office building, the reporter sees take up the office is most should belong to arm guard place, school already just put security in the first place. In the meantime, pass through for pass in and out of convenient student, teacher, public transportation company also will be added after term begins set Cheng Longlu 332 public transportation orders, site and add in fluctuation playtime set interval vehicle. An expert says educational academy of sciences, if the school such as Sichuan Normal University can be reasonable,use resource, also take the spring that it is dragon economy to bring development turning point.
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