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Move industry moves to also move money
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Ask remover to move, the bag discovers however when paying freight in little 2700 yuan of cash. The police after reporting a case to the security authorities is checked, so this money is felt stealthily by the employee of remover. On August 12, because Wang Mou is suspected of stealing to be detained by police criminal.

On August 11 morning, the home is in in Mr Li of lake pond of roadside " small advertisement " the first line of a couplet on a scroll fastened a remover, not a little while, 3 men are opening a lorry to come to the dwelling place of Mr Li. After a business, mr Li is taking two portfolio to follow carry a lorry to arrive together destination. After the thing has been moved, when Mr Li pulls open a bag that carrying to prepare to pay truckage, him discovery puts in the bag 8000 multivariate cash disappeared. This ability realizes Mr Li oneself take complex package, that bag that holds cash still is put inside truck cab. After waiting for him to drive a lorry to hurriedly cab, the issue that makes him afraid still happened, the fund that sees oneself are good with elastic bundle up only scatters inside the bag, one check the amount became little 2700 yuan. Mr Li signed up for alarm. Policeman of lake pond police station is subsequently inside the keel chamfer steel tube behind lorry car trunk found 2700 yuan. Before evidence, come from Anhui move be versed in Wang Mou admitted the cash inside bag of purloin plum gentleman commit the crime fact. Original, wang Mou sees when move the bag slide fastener of Mr Li was not pulled good, showed one crowded 100 yuan of big paper money. Take the advantage of its unprepared, draw-out fold, went to Qian Cang on the car.