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Foreign enterprise stuff moves result
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Although passed 8 years full, but should mention only moving thing, hu Hao still feels to be able to 't bear turn one's head.

College graduate applies for a job, hu Hao chose Beijing. But house problem lets this new Peking Man have a headache unceasingly. Buy a house? The house price of this city is expensive fearsome, and oneself are in one wife and children goes to work in the company, monthly pay still is less than 1000 yuan. Do not have method, she was forced to build a shakedown to classmate home, live first fall to say again.

Squeeze in classmate home to be not eventually long plan. After a week, hu Hao rents an one-storey house in Chong Wen area. The house is very pallet, housetop knot full cobweb, wet returns meeting leakage rain. Hu Hao borrows a broom to clean outside and in neatly, beg neighbour to help had blocked the place of leakage rain up again; On the weekend, buy wallpaper to stick a wall again, buy potted flower to adorn, call everywhere later invite a classmate to come be a guest.
Dan Gang spends a month, landlord finds Hu Hao, say to kin comes to Beijing from the other place, should live here, ask her to be taken away immediately. The break a contact of arise suddenly, grand letting moustache already anxious, get angry again, be forced to sit on the bed to weep. Cry what is used? Passed a little while, she holds all things with paper box, call a tricycle to pulling all property, overflow on the ave search residence aimlessly. In the evening 11 when, those who pull 3 rounds also do not wish to go forth again. Apropos around one is in subterranean hostel, decision of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad grand lives here. Always compare below the dwelling place sleep is the ave strong?

Subterranean hostel has 5 meters from the ground, do not see time of the day from morning till night. If do not get an area, do not know fine of shade of night of day of spoken parts in an opera, harships at all. A month went, two brought flowers died in succession, dan Huhao lives well, the job jumps over Gan Yueshun, position is higher and higher also. Money is much, but dare not shop casually, because move, these things can become burden.
On the weekend, if weather fine is good, hu Hao can take a few books or magazine, near the park looks for a kiosk, sitting is a day. "Go to work stay in the office, come off work to live in underground again, hold back is gotten afflictive. Classmates call me previously ' grand child ' , or else comes out, become really ' mouse ' . Become really ' mouse ' ..

Spent large half an year so, the city should make environmental repair, this not normal hostel also closes deadline. Hu Hao is forced to move again  closes finally with another girl hired a two bedrooms. Firm occupy goes the following day early morning, intense sunshine woke up her. See the sunshine in the room, joy of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad grand must resemble a child, ran to flowers market to buy 4 flowers at a heat, place windowsill completely.
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