Altitude goes dirt and clean a method
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What need clean appliance
One dust arrester and altitude go dirt fittings
Dust arrester of 2 backs type
3 safety belt
4 portable brushes
5 drawknife
Brush of 6 iron wire
7 ladder or construction are worn
8 pail
9 cloth (wet)
10 cloth (work)
11 cleaner
Cloth of 12 big make sail
13 altitude remove dust appliance
14 billboard
15 safety helmet
16 blind fold

Clean measure and method
Want place appliance equipment is neat, examination apparatus is whole at the same time. Check dust arrester electrical wiring, plug.
2 place billboard in working place bottom and conspicuous place.
3 canvas Zhang Fang is by working place. If likelihood, removed furniture, and the canvas on the lid.
4 wear ladder or construction had placed.
5 indicate according to manufacturer label place, inside pail, in adding right amount cleaner clear water.
When 6 jobs, go with different appliance by need dirt and clean, but the job should have order. The job should take care, do not make dirt ash boils to fly and fall off.
7 when using wet cloth, wring dry as far as possible, avoid clean droplet to arrive the furniture of the ground.
8 jobs end, wear ladder or construction immediately demolish.
9 will all appliance close neat, after clearing, call in store room.

Safe item
, the beard when the job uses safety belt.
, check dust arrester, notice electrical wiring and plug to wait especially.
, work from the ground as far as possible, the ability when be necessary is worn with ladder and construction.
, before using, caution checks ladder or construction is worn firm.
, the beard when be being worn with construction takes safety belt.

Appliance maintains
, wipe dust arrester interior and each fittings clean.
, will all brush clear clean.
, clean pail to wipe dry, handstand stores.

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