How to prevent the indoor environment that furniture creates to pollute?
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So, how can consumer just prevent the indoor environment that furniture creates pollute? Condition of core of room of association of Chinese indoor outfit monitors Director Song Ansheng of the center to think to want to notice to buy and use two segment:

Should notice to identify a brand when buying furniture, go large store, see contract of the price, autograph. When consumer is buying furniture, notice to select product of a few famous brand namely, want to notice regular furniture store to buy, do not select the price particularly low, because general kind of price is lower, use material quality is poorer, of harmful material release a quantity taller, sign when buy at the same time accord with a country the contract of standard of harmful material set limit to.

When using new furniture consumer also wants to notice: 1, the furniture that buys newly is not eager to be being put into the bedroom, had better let the harmful gas in the home release reoccupy of period of time as soon as possible conditionally; 2, the clothing that an underwear, bedgown and children do not want as far as possible when the chest that the man-made board that buys newly makes is used is put inside. Brewing because of armour is a kind of allergic source, when should brewing a quantity exceeding certain limit to cutaneous armour from the dissociate on fiber, can make the person produces abnormal reaction dermatitis; 3, new the customer that buys furniture can choose a few purify measure and material effectively, lower the harmful gas that furniture releases