Winter decorates medium 9 big notes---Character assures measure
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As a result of northward climate seasonal the demand with diverse to decorating construction quality to having difference, be in especially cold winter, how to ensure the quality that decorates a project, become each to decorate a company to need an answered task.

Material is the crucial factor that affects project quality and indoor environmental protection.
Specific tell, be aimed at winter climate characteristic namely, choose through material, carry, save, and the respect such as method of construction craft, construction, special material undertakes be controllinged strictly, achieve the quality requirement to environmental temperature thereby. Second activity is here medium, city is spatio-temporal and special roll out the 9 great quality that suit climate of northward winter chill to assure measure, the common lumber in solving winter to decorate is weather-shack, environmental protection construction, the problem such as safe precaution, avoided effectively seasonal the element influence to decorating a project.
Measure 1: The wood joining together of the craft that mix oil is in " V " model groove, fill special and atomic ash to wipe smooth. After assuring spring get warm again after a cold spell not craze;
Measure 2: Facing board besmear brushs bottom oil, prevent face plate because of change of temperature and humidity craze;
Measure 3: Hutch defends plumbing to use light steel keel or small system brick, because of,prevent effectively bibulous and be out of shape and woodiness is decayed, extend use fixed number of year;
Measure 4: Condole carries a project on the head to use light steel keel, the wood that local modelling uses brushs fire retardant coating, effective precaution uses the fire hidden trouble in the process;
Measure 5: Those who spread much obligate of the floor that install wood to give 3 millimeter is adjustable seam, increase the discharge of desiccative, prevent air temperature to pick up create the beat since plank, impending appearance.
Measure 6: Increase Shi Tu to all over number moderately, increase paint film ply;
Measure 7: When construction of wall paint basic level, use high grade dirt child pink or the treasure that blow a wall, solve effectively store the temperature influence in carry process;
Measure 8: Mortar cement mixes in deserving to compare, use high grade cement to have authentic hair or pull wool processing to metope, improve mortar and basic level data stick receive a gender, avoid effectively to produce empty beat phenomenon;
Measure 9: Execute strict project quality " 3 check are made " . Major qualitative check member whole journey of whole journey monitoring, stylist dogs guard a pass, do a crash job of fixed sampling observation, censorial department checks ministry of project inspect manage, each link that ensures construction process is medium is in strict monitoring in.
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