Goods arrives and consign
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Goods carry comes after destination, divide outside having an agreement additionally, carrier or its agent ought to issue arrival notice in time to consignee. The announcement includes phone and written two kinds of forms. The arrival notice of urgent document goods ought to arrive in goods hind give out inside two hours, general goods ought to give out the next day that issues arrival notice oneself to rise inside 24 hours, goods keeps freely 3 days. Extraction of exceed the time limit, carrier or its agent collect retention fee by formulary nucleus.

Goods is detained by examination mechanism or be inside carrier storehouse, assume retention fee and other to concern charge by consignee or consignor. Fresh and animal, perishable the goods that article and other appoint date and airliner to carry, the consignor ought to be in charge of informing consignee awaits extraction in destination airport.
Consignee is mixed by arrival notice sheet him dweller Id or other are effective identity document pick up the goods; When entrusting other pick up the goods, the dweller Id of the consignee that appoints by arrival notice sheet and freight sheet and person of pick up the goods or other are effective identity document pick up the goods. When if carrier or its agent ask to issue unit recommendation or other,proving effectively, consignee should grant to offer. The money article that carrier ought to state by freight sheet counts consignee of the consign after check the amount. When discovering shortage, damage, ought to check on the spot jointly with consignee, fill in when necessary freightage accident record, sign by both sides or affix one's seal. When consignee pick up the goods, be like to condition of goods outer packing or weight disagree, answer to put forward to check new perhaps scale to check on the spot. Sign after receiving sth goes up in freight sheet after consignee collects goods and not demur, regard goods as already in good condition consign.

When what the name of an article lists to not agree with on the goods that the consignor consigns and freight sheet or restricting carriage article and dangerous article, carrier ought to press the row sets processing
(one) shipment stops in station setting out, inform a consignor of extraction, freight is not retreated.
(2) stop to carry in terminal, announcement consignor, freight is not retreated, the goods that nots agree with to the name of an article, according to carry boat actually paragraph additional nucleus receives freight.
(3) in destination, the goods that nots agree with to the name of an article, additional nucleus receives whole journey freight.

Goods rises unmanned extraction 14 days from the next day that issues arrival notice, destination ought to inform starting station, ask for a consignor the processing opinion to goods; Full when 60 days of unmanned extraction did not receive processing opinion of the consignor again, press cannot consign goods processing. Right cannot consign goods, ought to make good check the amount, register and work surely. Every dependency home prohibits and the goods such as limitative carriage article, valuable and data of precious literary history ought to turn over a country to be in charge of a branch to handle without valence; Every belongs to average production, means of subsistence to should transfer branch of concerned goods and materials or commercial department when evaluate; Every belongs to article of fresh, perishable or custodial inconvenient to be able to be handled by carrier take into consideration the circumstances. If make annul processing, the cost that produces is assumed by the consignor. Via the payment for goods that evaluate handles, ought to hand in branch of carrier finance affairs in time to keep. The sun from processing rises 90 days inside, if have consignor or consignee claim, more than after the retention fee that deducts this money and processing are expended remove claim person; Be like 90 in the future still unmanned claim, ought to hand in payment for goods the treasury. To cannot the processing result of consign goods, ought to inform a consignor through starting station.
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