Of content shedding enterprise draw lessons from
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A successful other people sheds a business, must have larger operation scale, build valid area to enclothe, have powerful lead and control center, have both the integrated technology of high level, financial natural resources and management strategy.

Come nearly two years, on Chinese earth, "Content flows " billow of notional heat wave, you sing content shedding seminar I come on stage, the photograph of enterprise confused dispute of different domain, different property, different dimensions does content to flow. But all these businesses can succeed as soon as possible transition sheds a business to content, can you achieve rich and generous earnings? Taking such question, before we will inspect world other people to shed a business 10 strong concerned business structures, run mode and gain state, with period shed a business to our country content somewhat enlightenment.

Business structure

   ---1. UPS---Business survey: UPS is the whole world is the greatest fast give an orgnaization, the package with the biggest whole world is transmissive company, also be the world at the same time a main major is carried and content shedding serves a provider. Every are workaday, this company sends postal parcel for 1.8 million clients, addressee amount is as high as 6 million. The major servicing of this company is in the United States home alls over etc 200 many countries and area. This company has built dimensions the whole world with giant, high reliability carries infrastructure, development gives comprehensive, rich competition ability and bonded serves combination, use an advanced technique to support these services ceaselessly. This company proffer sheds a service, the supply that includes unifinication among them chain management.

    ---Business distributings: The business income of UPS differentiates according to the area with carriage means present a different distributinging characteristic. From the point of the area, 89% what American home business holds gross earnings, europe and Asian business are occupied 11% . From the point of carriage means, the country is carried on inland occupy 54% , home is airborne occupy 19% , domestic defer is carried occupy 10% , carry external occupy 9% , blame package business is occupied 4% .

    ---Newest and dynamic: On January 10, 2001, UPS in order to issue value 433 million dollar is new the California thing that buys division of Fritz group company to fall spreads a way company, merge into this company the content that UPS extends ceaselessly sheds business in, make its make more wholesale carriage group. On November 28, 2000, UPS company raises its weekly round-the-world flight from 3, cross a country more in order to handle day to carry business increasingly. The goods gross that UPS carries on this one course is daily rise 200 thousand pound.

    ---2. FedEX---Business survey: The predecessor of FedEX company is FDX company, be round-the-world carry, business affairs of content shedding, electron and supply chain management to serve a supplier. This company carries the independent network of each subsidiary, offer the business solution of unifinication to the client. Its subsidiary includes FedEX Express (manage fast give professional work) , FedEX Ground (manage pack serve with ground deliver goods) , FedEX Custom Critical (carriage deliver of management high speed serves) , FedEX Global (manage omnibus content to flow, technology and carriage service) and Viking Freight (the United States the small-sized transport company western) .
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