Beware remover trap
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Now, a lot of people move to ask remover to help. However, partial remover existence lacks sincere letter, sit the problem such as the price since the ground. The reporter covered a few case, remind consumer to beware remover digging pit is set " trap " .
Case one: Quote is inferior, increase price temporarily
A few days ago, live in Long Cheng was told about to the reporter with Miss Li that starts a garden by remover " black " experience.
Recently, miss Li makes the same score community to be moved from Long Chengcheng and start a garden, because the thing is more, lay knowledgeable person of Chinese telegraphic number then 114 look for remover. After enquiring many remover, the remover that Miss Li decided a quote is inferior moves the following day. When who knows to move, move the worker increases price temporarily. "They blame the thing that says my home first too fragmentary and bad to move, state floor is exorbitant again, must increase fund, and be being added is 100 yuan. " Miss Li says, "When they just came, a word did not say to begin to move, move all things to the car to just say to want to increase fund, sit the price since the ground! " Miss Li tries and porter argue, call to challenge to remover, the other side expresses however is Miss Li does not have explain floor when enquire, so the requirement increasing price of porter is reasonable. Miss Li is enraged bad, but thing all bales had been installed, the bed also was torn open, temporarily not the respect looks for other remover, was forced to promise their unjustifiable requirement.
Case 2: Moved twice to be slaughtered
Miss Sun expresses, oneself once had moved the home twice, by remover " slaughter " one knife, impossible to defend effectively.
Miss Sun says, moving for the first time is Cong Longgang old street moves crape myrtle garden. Leading porter sees her chest and bed express, these two things must ravel ability assembles a car quite, and the charge that break needs 100 yuan. Miss Sun also did not want to agree more at that time, light of result the other side tore open bed and chest to be spent full the time morning, 6 porter still look for her to want lunch money together midday, one person 10 yuan. After moving crape myrtle garden, these moving the worker spells outfit bed and chest dilatory afternoon, and look for Miss Sun again ask for dinner charge, "Those people say to later word note is worse and worse, fortunately my boy friend is in, still looked for two friends to help see a thing, they be foul-mouthed ground took gift. " Miss Sun respecting last experience still has bit of Yu Jing unfinished.
This year, after Miss Sun and boy friend marry, in green jade lake the garden bought one flatlet word, move again. Absorbed last lesson, miss Sun informs the other side to bed and chest need are torn open when enquiring remover outfit, before the other side expresses to be able to send a professional master worker, will be torn open technically outfit. Stem from discretion, miss Sun still cannot sit with for love or money of agreement of the other side the price since the ground. The following day the other side comes according to conventional time, also a professional master comes round to tear open bed and chest, everything undertakes very smoothly it seems that. When the thing assembles a car basically, the other side states one car does not install furniture however, must assemble two cars, the requirement increases fund again, open 150 yuan directly. Miss Sun is not accepted, call to challenge to remover, the other side states this is the company's biggest truck however, want Miss Sun him young lady to talk things over with the worker. "They captured a client to had baled the thing namely, must get the psychology that took away that day, it is to move a half to begin to say a condition with you. " final Miss Sun and move the worker talks things over added 80 yuan, just move.
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