Be on guard black move a 3 action
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3 action are on guard black remove furniture
Professional committee meets Shanghai remove furniture every year to undertake supervisory to the service of company of normal remove furniture, examine and verify, each execute the law the superintendency that the branch also strengthens pair of remove furniture markets stage by stage, but citizens still should strengthen ego to be on guard.  
The first action, not credulous the small advertisement that appears with coupon form. By major of Shanghai remove furniture committee sets, company of remove furniture of class of 24 stars of Shanghai does not allow to send out this kind of advertisement. Regular corporation is being carried there is strict regulation on the price, plain code marks a price, cannot optional argy-bargy, won't receive fee, chaos to increase price more.  
The 2nd action, see car exterior and employee dress. The new camp motion that car of whole town remove furniture already used door of the Ministry of Communication to unite indicates, install park automobile body two side, design is Bai Yulan, elliptic, Bai Bian La Juan, green bottom, marked and chic (car of pinchbeck remove furniture does not have aptitude of carry of remove furniture battalion, have this sign impossibly) . Porter and car grow to also wear the uniform of unified color.  
The 3rd action, inquire telephone number of remove furniture company to directory inquiries. Generally speaking, the phone of sham remove furniture company often cannot inquire in directory inquiries, and the name that the phone of company of normal remove furniture has corresponding remove furniture company. In addition, network of Shanghai city transportation. Also have the address of these 24 normal companies and telephone call.