Furniture kind move skill
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1. table uses 4 desks part adhesive plaster to secure protection with pasteboard skin first, reoccupy rope laps desk horn damages with preventing. 2, ambry takes out the article in the drawer first, reoccupy adhesive plaster has stuck each drawer fixed; The article reload that takes out enters paper case, carry rise very convenient. 3, dresser knows to have face mirror to let bearer, it is good lens biscuit to should use transparent and epispastic cloth so, cosmetic is good with paper bag load plastic bag respectively inside. 5, spray basin, potted irrigate first before today on enough water, for will not clay of prediction of a person's luck in a given year has wrapped flowerpot with newspaper first put pasteboard case again inside, gently the paper on the lid is built can, if potted, should use wooden club to tie up branch lever first fixed, just put paper next had compared inside box. 17, cross of book, magazine general book ground has been bound, the place of the turn uses pasteboard skin protection. 6, boiler kind lap with newspaper first from arrive greatly small jackknife. Cross boiler with the rope hit into crossed across. 19, it is good edge biscuit that edge uses pasteboard skin first, reoccupy adhesive plaster has been stuck fixed. 7, tableware kind tableware has been wrapped with paper jackknife first, eat dish those who wait for a level put inside paper box, spoon 4-5 binds broach together to had closed only. 8, bottled kind load plastic bag respectively first inside, had coiled to load paper box with newspaper, again paper box interval with the cross model tie up, the written guarantee is made in alternate place. 9, the garment kind put underwear most lower level, foreign outfit 50% discount put the jackknife in box, the case that permits the hygroscopic clothings, clothings such as fur coat to be able to be put at tea is moistureproof. 10, viatic box bedgown and the vade mecum such as the things that wash bath are tasted put boot inside, very convenient. 11, valuable cash, precious gold is acted the role of article, account wait for valuable to must be carried originally. 31, no matter dangerous article is yourself carry or remover, some article are contraband, must handle separate carry, danger is tasted include any combustible, easy corrode reachs corrupt to explode easily article, be like: Oil of thinner of paint, paint, fingernail, fingernail oil takes off engine oil of besmear agent, benzine, motor vehicle, clean dissolvent, bleacher, destroy bug agent.