Bath shade also is a bacterium " den " expert proposal undertakes cleaning every
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Recently, norman Peisi is in the researcher that American division collect pulls much university again our household discovers two bacteria in the environment " den " : That is the air of bath shade and tub upper part.

  Suggest to be cleaned to bath shade every week

Admire this it is to be in accidental of a soap foam that notices the bathroom hangs shade to go up. Stem from curiosity, he collected soap foam sample from oneself bath shade, take a lab to undertake study. "The result makes me astonied, every are cubic inch there are 1 billion bacteria actually in bubble " . The soap foam sample that collects from shade of bath of someone else home also proved this. "Begin shower when you that is to say when, in surrounding the mirage in the bacterium. In surrounding the mirage in the bacterium..

Those who be worth to rejoice is, the most bacterium in soap foam is harmless to health, but suffer vitiator to those immune systems, be like the AIDS patient, person that accepting the patient that turns cure or body watch to have open sex cut for, some bacteria are deadly. Admire this suggest people undertakes cleaning to bath shade every week.

  The air of tub upper part also hides bacterium

Under cover is returned in the bathroom another " bacterial base camp " , that is the air of tub upper part. Breathe division expert discovery, indoors the person that the swimming-pool works often indescribable dry cough, the doctor says for " lifeguard lung " , but did not find the real reason that cause disease all the time. Admire this the course considers to discover, content of the bacterium in the air of indoor swimming-pool upper part should compare ordinary air many 60 % , if contact air of this kind of tall bacterium for a long time, the person of a few allergic constitutions appears easily " lifeguard lung " symptom. Admire this return discovery, the situation with bathroom existence and same swim pool, the bacterial content of tub upper part exceeds bid badly also. Accordingly the bathroom should be strengthened ventilated, such bacteria " cloud cluster " can be blown to come loose.

Actually the bacterium returns conceal to be in a lot of places that are ignored easily by us, if elevator armrest resembles " communal bacterium baton " , everybody above leave a few bacteria, take away again at the same time a few; The potted land that buys from beautiful inn may be contained " microbial avian synthesis " , this kind of bacterium will be minatory human body is healthy; The sponge washing a bowl in the kitchen with respect to prep let alone, everybody knows it is now " bacterial factory " .

   Numerous goods need not sterilization processing

As the mankind that is surrounded by the bacterium, how should we do? Admire this the proposal is " it is carefully on " . For instance, sit armrest is not touched as far as possible when elevator, if fear the station is flabby, can contact armrest with knuckle, can decrease the contact of hand and bacterium so the smallest; The sponge that wash a bowl should be twisted work and air is basked in, do not offer warmth to live damply to the bacterium the environment.
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