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Swallow of company move to a better place or have a promotion also moves
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Recently, the reporter is in the ceiling place of corridor of doorway of Lian Huxin plant area of corporation of milkings of city health power, discover the swallow shelter that two place build newly.
According to entrance guard introduction, old plant is in previously when, there also is check of few points swallow in plant area, the cadre worker in the factory inspects the friend of these mankinds to be honoured guest, all along not harrass they. Discover the hatch in the nest occasionally small swallow, everybody still can be caught come a few small insect are put in nest edge.
Last year, be apart from old plant area the completion of new factory building of 2 kilometers, move to a better place or have a promotion after a few months, discovery has everybody again swallow flies of plant area in the sky flitter, this year Feburary, the shelter is built in new plant area. Everybody guesses in succession, the swallow that may be old plant area longed for host to follow to come over.
When it is very dangerous that the small swallow that should see firm hatch comes climbs to climb in nest edge, entrance guard master installed in the lower part of bird's nest rapidly board, write on " care is avian, protect an environment " propagandist language (if pursue) , always remind everybody and avian and friendly get along.