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Nanning moves industry urgently standard
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As Nanning city numerous building complete is thrown gradually use, move the industry appears should subsequently the business is prosperous, but the personage inside course of study says, move the industry already entered atrophic state. Come day after day, the reporter discovers after thorough investigation, because lack effective industry to superintend, malign competition exists between each remover, at present Nanning city moves the industry encounters " bottleneck "

"Bronco " the company makes price war malign competition is sent " internal injury "

On August 3, the reporter is right of Nanning move the discovery when the industry makes investigation, a few more current " bronco " remover and " empty shell " remover, make price war madly with low cost, however oversight service quality, roily of Nanning move the market.

"The business was done harder and harder. " a remover Wei boss of Nanning city that has aptitude says. 17 years ago, move the industry just appeared in Nanning when, remover presses every car charge of 350 yuan of collection, the business is very prosperous still. But after 2003, this profession occurrence turn. A few people see move line of business is profitable, " build up from nothing " removed remover -- they did not remove family expenses car, the company also does not have charter, it is 9 people normally, open a phone, temporarily the business hires a car to dispatch. Such company, be called inside course of study " bronco " remover.

"Bronco " the company is grab the market, desperately demand a low price, roily move normally industry. Moving charge every car from before 300 multivariate fall 200 multivariate, link every car to now 60 multivariate the company is done. Current, high oil price and high spending bring higher cost, normal remover is obliged to rise collect fees. However, "Bronco " case of company recumbent low and they compete, once regular corporation raises price, probable meeting loses more clients.

"Every car closes 60 multivariate, cannot do moving line of business at all, connect cost insufficient. " controller of a remover calculated pen Zhang to the reporter: Current, one moves the car matchs 4 workers, everybody gives a car one day twice, time of car should pay a worker 20 yuan of moneys at least, 4 people time with respect to 80 yuan of money; Stop fare every months 120 yuan, it is 4 yuan of money everyday; Oil expends every car average everyday 100 yuan, every wade average 50 yuan. Such coming down, every go to every car the cost that moves the home wants 134 yuan of money at least, this still does not include the upkeep of the car and cost of maintain a road.

"2002 most period of at the height of power and splendour, the company has 14 cars, every car matchs 6 workers, have 84 workers in all, and stay only now have 5 cars, every car matchs 4 workers only. " controller of a company says, after 2003, remover appears much, market price case is pressed lower more by a few people, defray and price cannot become direct ratio, can save expenditure only, sold a car to cut down the member of persons employed.
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