3 move worker vacaition remover
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Last noon, citizen forest gentleman is returned be located in 9 water east the remover discovery of the road, the television inside, cash, mobile phone did not see sign, and live 3 workers that be here also disappear together. Introduce according to Mr Lin, oneself draw on this 3 people from the street before a month, did not register even Id.

51 gold witness special issue of Chinese force Olympic Games: Does chant pharynx ⅰ make public Qu? whole world? 10 thousand amount to mesh of · of beer of Qingdao of fun of border of found a state to see an Olympic Games introduce according to Mr Lin, he is in 9 water east Lu Yidong rented a room in dweller building, regard as the office place that oneself open remover, oneself and wife also live at ordinary times here. Before a month, mr Lin from 308 countries and 9 canalage are handed in 3 workers can be enrolled near place. "See them at that time very frank, I did not register even Id. " introduce according to Mr Lin, these 3 workers also live in this house at ordinary times.

Yesterday morning, mr Lin and wife reach friend home together be a guest. Making what he did not think of is, they return company discovery midday, 3 700 yuan of the television of the company, cash, mobile phones and a few pails of peanut oil did not see sign, "Remained a few pieces of beds. " Mr Lin discovery, door lock is done not have by the trace of prize. "Those 3 workers also did not see sign, I dial their mobile telephone continuously, close machine! " Li Cang police already launched investigation to this matter.