Female white-collar suffers from on move depressed disease
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"It is to catch really arrive madly acme, I must go to at present again seek new room source. " since going to work one year, female white-collar peaceful Xue Jiao gets the most painful job, not be actuating pressure, not be to work overtime, however the again and again moves unendingly. At present, she must move the 4th times, although day after day sunshine is beautiful, her mood is extremely depressed however: "Acedia, helpless, feel the vagrancy that go all out is hit to feel in city as person of a foreign land. Feel the vagrancy that go all out is hit to feel in city as person of a foreign land..

Ning Xue tells a reporter, to receive coming the Mid-autumn Festival, the wall paper of the warmth of little housekeeping money that begins her to will be hired with respect to specially from August is dressed up anew, still purchased TV, freezer and a piece of new bed, the plan receives the home to come along in the parents of 9 rivers Wuhan gets together. Who knows, before half month, because have,landlord tells her the house to special urgent need wants to call in immediately temporarily, hope she finds new place as soon as possible. "Say honest, I am good the is the home living ground that feels oneself found reluctance to be able to say not easily, want to take away again however immediately. " Ning Xue says, she is obliged to tell parents she wants to be away on official business mid-autumn, cannot invite 2 often come round, in case their concern is cared.

The first time after coming to Wuhan work seeks a room, ning Xue found a company in building of an old dweller around, after waiting for occupy to go, discover night mice activity is rampant, and closet is slack and serious, downstair husband and wife keeps for this din, lived to be less than two months here, she removed the apartment block of chummage of a 3 people. Before long, add up to the awkwardness that hire to be shown very quickly, besides habits and customs be widely divergent, the men and women mixes the safety that hires Rangningxue's parents together to worry about her very much. After many after persuading, she moves again. This, ning Xue falls in the work in the same placing's help, a cell that has independent toilet, kitchen was found around the company, extremely unfortunate is, lived after 4 many months, company boss moved the company Chinese mouth from Wu Chang. Commute far away journey, let its live in former office again appear very disloyal border. Later, she sought a many month, just found the place of shelter oneself in evergreen garden. "Beside me, the person that moves often like me is very much, and, a lot of moment are really must not do it soon. " Ning Xue mentions him move experience, have the feeling of gnash simply: "Too painful, moving is mental torment more. " introduce according to her, the name works in the same place even if one suffer moving pain extremely, just eventually the heart below firm comes, in know perfectly well house price to be gotten high already unusual when the small house that bought a 40 more than square metre.
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