Guangdong 4 million collect books to move greatly
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Because Guangdong Zhongshan library changes extend project need, the stack of 10 thousand square metre wants old house to remove temporarily, involve collect books amount to four. Northen Song Dynasty is famous the collected works of writer Wang Anshi " Lin Chuanxian gives birth to collected works 100 " wait for 50 " national treasure class " ancient books, will arrive in the change after first phase changes extend project to finish Xin Zhai, get better protection.

It is reported, guangdong Zhongshan library revises extend project at 2 6 years 00 in August start working, current, library of Sun Zhongshan library, stack, reading room, place still be in construction.

Because old house is transformed, want the stack room that has 10 thousand square metre to remove temporarily, involve move collect books amount to four, need finds a safe and reliable place deposit.

Li Zhaochun of Zhongshan library curator says, after Zhongshan library first phase changes extend project to finish, will build an underground three-layer " boreal fast builds stack room " , this stack will deposit the Guangdong that maintains by culture ministry to save 50 " national treasure class " ancient books and local document, include Northen Song Dynasty among them the collected works of Wang Anshi of famous politician, writer " Lin Chuanxian gives birth to collected works 100 " and rank China first " Guo Jiazhen is expensive ancient books directory " a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of Chinese head ministry history monograph " Yi Luoyuan source. "Boreal fast builds stack room " will have corrosion protection, anticorrosive, insect-resistant, mouldproof wait for a function, can ensure these " national treasure class " ancient books is in good condition circulate later ages.

Li Zhaochun expresses, zhongshan library will strive to come true in 9 years of 00 2 October local open to the outside world.