Tenement rejects to remove ahead of schedule cut off the power
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Recently since a month, business door is in tens of homes on allied road to just ask to rent the thing that removes ahead of schedule is vexed. Yesterday, leave rental square requirement remove to be restricted greatly -- had gone on August 30 half month, but partly business door still is not willing to move from, they think the agreement that rent has not expired.
Since September 10, the cable that many 20 business lays was broken, business door people
Think this is company of rental square Ao Sidi cuts off the power intentionally, force they are moved ahead of schedule from. And rental just express, the relevant provision that goes up by the agreement that rent will carry out ask business door removes ahead of schedule.

Bear hire square:

The deadline that rent did not arrive to be able to be moved how

Lady of the Qin Dynasty hired 2 shop front to do mobile phone sale and pay fee business in allied road, because was broken in inn report, net turn over to the higher authorities expends a system to cannot move, business cold and cheerless a lot of.

The lady that occupy the Qin Dynasty introduces, he hires business to spread deal in allied road already 4 years many. Begin from July 2007, after Ao Sidi company bought the property that business spreads, she established the relationship that rent with Aosidi. She hired 2 shop front, every 3 months sign the agreement that rent, hire also is every 3 months pay. This year on July 22, lady of the Qin Dynasty was handed in came on July 1 on September 30 the hire of 3 months. However, arrived on August 6, the announcement that lady of the Qin Dynasty received company of rental square Ao Sidi to allot -- the company wants to undertake unity transforming to business shop, requirement bear hire business door to be dealt with to the company before August 20 " stop rent " relevant matters concerned. Arrived on August 20, the company informs Ao Sidi of business door again people move before August 30 from, carry out compulsively what do not move.

Arrived on August 30, business door did not move tens of homes from, they think when the deadline that rent arrived to be moved again. And arrived on September 10, qin Nv person wait to be stood by many times 20 among them transform paragraph business shop was broken suddenly report. Later, business door people oneself pulled electrical wiring to continue to do business from an around field that wash a car, but controlled at 12 o'clock yesterday evening, report was broken again.

Receive remove tens of homes of the announcement in business door, the renting agreement of the majority has not expired. Partly business door thinks, "Should shift to an earlier date at least 2 months announcement, we just have time to look for other trader to spread. We just have time to look for other trader to spread..

Rental square:

Removing is the agreement provides the basis

"We are to business the shop undertakes transforming, just ask business door removes. We the relevant provision that this is the basis agreement that rent will carry out. " the king director of Ao Sidi company says, the business that leaves to be being moved ahead of schedule door, the company returned undue hire. And force to cutting off the power business door removes the view that leave, king manager denies readily, "Do not have this to wind an affair, cutting off the power is the safe need that decorates construction. Cutting off the power is the safe need that decorates construction..
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