Sellers do not change the landlord tenant rental moving appliances provoke lawsu
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Happy to buy one, get in rent dispute the results, is how the case? Become a tenant landlord playback June 2009, Ms. Zhang bought a second-hand housing in Paving, agreed the small landlord what his wife should be submitted on October 1 that year, and 3 sets of air-conditioning, a television, a refrigerator and other furniture, appliances and all with fixed decoration to the Chapter President. However, pay back the principal, Ms. Zhang, a small new house still under renovation because of what his wife failed to move out on time. In desperation, Ms. Zhang Xiao He and his wife entered into a supplemental agreement, contract from October 1, 2009 from the rent at market prices until the couple submitted a small Ho. The end of February this year, Xiao He finally moved his wife, while removing air conditioning, TV, refrigerator and other furniture, appliances. Ms. Zhang refused to take delivery of housing. When the trial ended lease This year in May, Ms. Zhang Xiao He couples to court. Housing rentals how calculated, is the focus of court case. Xiao He couples that rent should be considered to February 27. Ms. Zhang felt small when submitted to any couple moved furniture, her right to refuse to take delivery of housing, so the rent should be considered the date of the furniture all moved back. Siming District Court that the two sides have established a relationship between irregular rental contract, either party may at any time cancel the lease contract, the lease contract should be recognized between the two sides in the Feb. 27 disarmament. Although small home appliances together with any couple will move furniture, but the breach will not result in housing can not be used, therefore, should be timely, Ms. Zhang received housing. Of course, the furniture, appliances are removed, the certainly lead to lower use value of housing, such as reduced rent, therefore, should be small compensation for any couple from 2 to 28 to the day that the return of furniture, household appliances "reduce" housing rent. Recently, Siming District Court of First Instance ruling a small compensation for any couple to return the same value, or air-conditioning, television, refrigerator and other furniture, appliances, pay the appropriate rent and rental loss, while to settle the corresponding water, electricity, property management fees and so on.